Bissy bottle in hand waving. Kolanut is better energy and better performance. Caffeine to boost your brain and theobromine to open your lungs. This means more energy and more oxygen to your brain and muscles.

Real kolanut energy! ☀️🌴

Behold the REAL kola! Sourced directly from smallholder farmers in Nigeria, Bissy gets its energy kick from the natural caffeine and theobromine found in kolanut fruit. Let it be known, kolanut is the ingredient that made Coke famous.


Caffeine gives a sustained energy boost, while theobromine allows red blood cells in the lungs to carry more oxygen meaning you get more oxygen to your brain and muscles.

Powerful antioxidants from ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and clove relieve oxidative stress and help to give Bissy its delicious taste. Bissy is better energy, crafted for those who seek to get the best out of what they put in their body.


Strip away the unnatural & let’s #getbissy

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Enjoying the feeling of yoga and friendship with Bissy kolanut energy
Bissy Kolanut and Ginger energy drink being passed in hands and shared
Bissy Kolanut and ginger energy drink at event with plants
Bissy kolanut and ginger 10-Pack box on the go
Raw kolanut in the palms of a Nigerian's hands
Bissy kolanut and ginger Energy Drink boxes and bottles held by women in front of graffiti wall in Portland, Oregon

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