Kolanut & Ginger Energy Drink
Kolanut & Ginger Energy Drink
Kolanut & Ginger Energy Drink

Kolanut & Ginger Energy Drink

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(10 bottles per box)

Thoughtfully crafted with 100% plant-based ingredients for a natural energy boost and an out of this world taste. Bissy is the only natural kolanut fruit product on the market and is sure to get you in your groove.

What's Inside?

Water, Natural Dark Brown Sugar, Kolanut Extract, Citric Acid, Vanilla Extract, Ginger Extract, Sodium Citrate, Flavors, Cinnamon Extract, Orange Extract, Clove Extract

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Karen B.
United States United States
Tastes great, provides smooth lift

I am a matcha green tea junkie, so I was fascinated by another natural energy beverage that I could consume on the go. Bissy did not disappoint. It delivered a smooth lift after I drank it around 7pm to keep me up later than usual. And the best part is that it tastes great!

Jordan E.
United States United States
One Of The Best Drinks Out There!!

Forget coffee, toss that Redbull and trash those 5 hour energy shots, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL. I was skeptical at first because really, “What is really natural energy?”, “What is this Kola Nut?”. And then I tried it. The first time I thought it didn’t do a damn thing…but I noticed I didn’t feel tired. Then I thought, “well where’s the jitteriness?” Nothing. By now you’re probably thinking, “Well I need instant energy.” That’s just that, it was a quicker energy boost, all mental performance and with simple and natural ingredients. The best part…Never…Felt…Any…Crash! Hell, I didn’t even know I was winding down. Normally you get that lethargic feeling after a few hours or you start to feel like you need that one last cup of 3pm java for that last push. I did not need that with Bissy. But like the legendary Billy Mays once said, “But wait, there’s more!” My mental energy was just as good if not better than drinking other types of caffeine, plus I was able to complete my workouts with ease and more focus. Matter of fact, I’m about to get more. Later

Tina M.
United States United States
My Fav pre workout drink!

I love the taste and the ingredients!

Taeler H.
United States United States
For a friend

I shipped this order to a friend who has never tried Bissy before. She doesn’t drink caffeine because it gives her the jitters but she is loving Bissy!! Thanks for an amazing product.

linda c.
United States United States
Good stuff

It was a good experience but way too sweet for me!